Cleveland Brew Bus –
A Touring Experience
for the Beer Lover. 
Cleveland Brew Bus is a great way to sit back and enjoy the wonderful breweries of the Cleveland and surrounding areas.  We help people to gain an understanding of the GREAT breweries in the area; sample many of their fine beers; share our love and knowledge of BEER with others; divulge interesting facts about the area and breweries we visit; and most importantly we do it in a fun and safe way. 
Your tour originates by Cleveland Brew Bus picking you up as close to your location as possible.  The brewery touring adventure launches as we travel to visit 3 breweries, where you will imbibe upon 3-4 tastings at each, nibble on a pretzel necklace, and experience an informational brewery tour.  Throughout the brewery visit and the travel time we will fill your head with incredible facts about BEER, Cleveland, the breweries, and loads of CBB-driven trivia.  As our brewery touring adventure draws to a close, we will return you to your pick-up location filled with beer knowledge and great beer.  Happy Touring!

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"...I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the day and the tour, in all honesty, it was better than what I expected. Your knowledge of beers, the breweries and people who make them, along with your outgoing personality and entertaining character make the experience very pleasurable. I frequently visit RRBC and Market Garden so have sampled quite a few of their beers, but listening to your guidance made it feel like they were all new tastes to me. As a customer, I appreciate all of the hard work you’ve put into the business and your enthusiasm for what you like to do..."

– J.D.