Tour Information

  • What does the tour include?

    Our tours are informative, guided beer tastings. They include samples of 4 beers (4-6 ounces each) at three breweries, a brewhouse tour at one or more locations (given by a brewer or person with knowledge of the brewing process), time for a meal at one stop, and tons of beer facts and history from our knowledgeable guides, as well as a pretzel necklace and a parting gift. We also provide bottled water to keep you hydrated.
  • How many people can the bus fit? Is there a minimum number of guests required to run a tour?

    The bus can seat up to 20 people. We require at least 8 guests for weekend and weekday/weeknight tours. We do not require that all the guests be members of the same party – we often combine multiple smaller parties to meet the minimum.
  • How many breweries will I visit? Are they always the same?

    All tours visit three breweries. We offer many different packages based on themes or locations, please visit the Tours and Booking page to see your options. We also offer custom tours of three locations of your preference for larger groups.
  • What does the price of my ticket cover? Do breweries pay Cleveland Brew Bus to visit them?

    Your ticket price covers the beer you sample at the breweries, gratuity for the servers and bartenders who wait on the group, transportation/gas, and your pretzel necklace and parting gift. Breweries do not pay us to visit – we pay them for the beers you drink – that’s what most of your fare covers.
  • How long will the tour last?

    Tours typically last 4-5 hours depending upon breweries visited, and travel times.
  • Where are the pick-up spots?

    Pick-up locations vary based on the tour route. We also offer custom pick-up for groups – we will work with you to find a convenient, public location that is close to you. Tour pick-up/drop-off locations can be found on each tour page.
  • Can the bus accommodate guests with mobility challenges?

    We will do our best to assist guests who have mobility issues, and work with our breweries to accommodate them. However, please keep in mind that most of our tours will require that guests be able to do at least a few of the following: Stand or walk for periods of 10-45 minutes during brewhouse tours, climb stairs, get in and out of picnic table-style seating and/or high top chairs. Our current bus is, unfortunately, not wheelchair accessible, and guests will need to be able to walk up about four stairs to board.
  • Do we get to eat during our tour?

    All tours include time for guests to order a meal –usually at the first or second stop, and we encourage you to enjoy the some of the fantastic food our local breweries provide. Food is not included in the ticket price – you are on your own for any food or additional beverages you order while at the breweries. You are also welcome to bring snacks on the bus.
  • What should I bring with me?

    We do our best to provide everything you might need. All you need to bring is curiosity, a good attitude and a method of payment for any food, additional beer or merchandise you might purchase along the way. We provide a cooler full of bottled water (with extra room for any to-go beer you might buy). We even have big umbrellas, in case it rains!
  • Is Cleveland Brew Bus a party bus?

    Thanks for asking. We are absolutely not a party bus. Our goal is to help you explore and understand craft beer, not to get you drunk. Our tastings are very structured, and we keep a tight timetable. We do not tolerate guests who become too intoxicated. If you are looking for transportation from bar to bar, so you can safely drink, we can refer you to companies offering that service.


  • How do I make a reservation?

    Book online by visiting the Tours and Booking page. If you have questions about availability or other concerns, email tours@clevelandbrewbus.com or call (216) 773-2567. If you are interested in a tour for a group of 6 or more, you may also fill out a Tour Inquiry Form, if you prefer.
  • How do I pay for my tickets?

    When booking online, you will be required to provide credit card information. If you are booking a group, you will be asked to put down a deposit on your credit card – the other members of the party may pay for their tickets, or you may cover the balance, on the tour date. We accept cash, all major credit cards and checks.
  • Will I receive paper tickets? Do I need to print my confirmation or itinerary?

    Once your booking has been made in our secure, online system, you will receive an automatic confirmation email, but we want you to save trees – there’s no need to print anything out! We will have an online record of your booking at our fingertips on the tour date, just show up and show your ID. Isn’t technology great?
  • Can I make a same-day booking?

    Online ticketing for tours cuts off 3 hours prior to tour time. Please call us at (216) 773-2567 to inquire about same-day availability. If there is room, we would be happy to have you join us. Please note, we may need you to be flexible about pick-up location when booking on short notice.
  • Can I rent the bus for a private party?

    We welcome all kinds of parties – birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family reunions – you name it. However, we do not guarantee exclusivity of the bus to any party. If there seats remaining open, we feel it is wrong to turn potential guests away.
  • Do you do corporate tours?

    Absolutely! We would be happy to work with you to create a memorable team-building event or to show out-of-town employees and vendors a great time in Cleveland.
  • What is the cancelation policy?

    Cancellations made at least 72 hours prior to the tour date will receive a full refund. Cancelations made under shorter notice will not be refunded, unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances. When canceling a large group booking, we hope you would extend the courtesy of giving us at least 10 days notice.
  • What if a member of our party cannot or does not drink beer?

    We understand that there are a number of reasons why people do not or cannot drink beer. We offer a $28.00 non-sampling ticket for guests who are pregnant, have a gluten intolerance/Celiac disease, or who simply do not drink at all. Those guests may purchase other beverages, at their own expense, at the breweries. Guests who plan to consume beer are required to purchase the regular sampling ticket. We encourage those who are not familiar with/not (yet) fans of craft beer to purchase the sampling ticket as well – our goal is to turn you on to new styles and find you a “gateway” beer.
  • Do you offer gift certificates?

    Yes. Click the gift certificate button below or on the Tours and Booking page to purchase. You will be emailed a coupon code that the recipient may use when booking a future tour. Gift certificates/codes do not expire and may be used for any tour, providing there is space available.

    Gift Certificates

Polices and Regulations

  • Do I have to be 21 to buy a ticket?

    According to Ohio law, you must be 21 or older to consume alcohol, therefore, you must be 21 or older to be on the Cleveland Brew Bus.
  • Can I bring beer or other alcoholic beverages on the bus?

    No. We do no allow guests to bring alcohol of any kind on the bus at the beginning of the tour. However, you may purchase to-go beer or fill growlers at the breweries. You may enjoy those beers between subsequent stops, if there is time.
  • Can I purchase to-go beer or fill a growler at the breweries?

    Yes. If you enjoyed a particular beer you sampled, you may purchase it to-go (if available), in a sealed bottle or growler. If you wish to enjoy your purchase on the bus, you may do so, if there is time. We provide a cooler to keep beer cold, and plastic cups, so you can share with friends. Please note that to-go beer is strictly for off-premise consumption. If you open a growler or bottle(s) while still in a brewery, you will be asked to leave.
  • What is a growler?

    A growler is a refillable glass jug or bottle (usually about 64 ounces/half a gallon) that can be filled with draft beer. Most breweries sell them, and are happy to fill any growler with their beer. If you have your own empty growler already, feel free to bring it along. If you don’t, you may purchase one from a brewery, or buy a Cleveland Brew Bus growler on board. Ask your tour guide for more information about how long beer in a growler stays fresh.
  • Am I expected to tip anyone?

    Your fare covers tips/gratuities for the bartenders and servers who take care of us at the breweries. It does not cover tip/gratuity for the driver and tour guide. While you are certainly not required to tip us, we do work very hard to make every tour an enjoyable experience. If you have a good time on board, we hope you will show your appreciation with a tip of 10 to 20% of your ticket price.
  • What happens if I drink too much?

    We reserve to right to deny alcohol service to any guest who becomes too intoxicated or behaves disrespectfully on the bus or in any of the breweries. In extreme cases, we will ask a guest to leave the tour and provide him/her with cab transportation back to the pick-up spot or home. We encourage responsible drinking, and suggest that every group designate a driver, or get a ride/taxi/Uber/Lyft to and from the pick-up/drop-off location. We also reserve the right to refuse boarding to any guest who we suspect may already be intoxicated. No pregaming!